Summer Wetsuits with Jonathan Gonzalez


We saw a good forecast on the way and took a flight to Tenerife to meet up with our team rider Jonathan Gonzalez. We talk about the beginning of his career and how he sees the surf in the Canary Islands.

1 – When and where did you start surfing?

I start to surf when I was 11 with three friends. We used to surf around Los Gigantes at Las Conchas and Punta Blanca.

2 –How do you see how the surf is going in Tenerife?

There are some areas where surf got a big evolution like Las Americas but there are other areas where you don’t see many new generations, making an exception to Juan David. In other areas, the surf changes a lot and we also have some girls ripping.

3 – And in the rest of the canary islands?

Las Palmas had a big evolution and also in Lanzarote, there are new generations getting really good.

4 –Which are your favorites waves around home?

My favorites waves around my place are Punta Blanca and Las Conchas.

They are short and powerful waves where you can make some turns and airs and at epic days there are some serious barrels also.